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Endless Possibilities

Covid 19. We are weeks into the craziest time we have ever experienced on this planet. My friends all over the world are talking about fear and uncertainty, and how this is affecting their personal lives: some have difficulties getting food, some are in lockdown, some have to contend with social distancing, and some are having to work from home and take care of children at the same time. I've been spending a lot of time painting and reflecting. My thoughts are running from despair, to fear and to the endless possibilities that could lay before us on our collective journey. We can try very hard to go back to the way things were before, but do we really want to do that - to return to a world filled with inequalities, and non-acceptance of who we really are? Or do we want to create something different? A world where all people are valued for who they are, just as they are? A world that loves and honors all creatures, and our beautiful ecosystem? The world is an incredibly magical place when you take the time to sit and watch. Let's take this incredible opportunity to make this world into a world filled with love, respect and honor for all. We can change anything - make our relationships more loving, change our agriculture to a system that regenerates soil and provides healthier food, and create communities that support each other in the best way possible. We got this.....

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