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The Moment

A beautiful sunny day, people out cycling, rollerblading, playing with their kids..... It is so nice to smell the trees and flowers....isn't it? As a gardening enthusiast, I love this time of year, and wish that it could last forever. Yesterday as I sat in my garden, I decided to take a few minutes without thinking, and just BE in that lovely space. It was a wonderful few minutes......the sound of the dragonflies, the whisper of the leaves moving in the wind, and even more lovely...the feeling of the warm sun on my skin. I realized that often I am so wrapped up in my thoughts of the past or the present or future that I don't even notice the little things around me. If that is true, how much of life have I missed, while I am wrapped up in my head? I challenge each of you to take five minutes and just be. Don't think, don't analyze, don't talk.....just breathe....and be....a part of the space that you are in. Awaken your mind...not the thinking one.....the be-ing one. What does that mean?? Try it.....see if you can find it. I am waiting to hear all about it......

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