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New Years Day 2019! Happy Happy everyone! Its a beautiful sunny day, and as I sit with a warm cup of tea, I muse about life....beautiful life, complex life, simple life and life in all its colors. Most days we are so busy....too busy to notice the little miracles that surround us. From the miracle of tiny soil creatures that break down food for plants and enhance communication for all species of vegetation, to the greater cosmos with its infinite galaxies and supernovas, and infinity itself. Did you notice the full moon that was visible Dec 22 in the daylight sky? Did you notice the tiny bird perched on a tree branch beside your car watching you with curiosity? Did you notice a wee child pause to watch a snowflake fall? We are all busy, but really it only takes a few minutes each day to pause, and sit with no thoughts, no judgement and just observe. To just be. What if just "sitting" quietly for a few minutes each day changed our perspective or gave us a few moments of inner peace? For 2019, why don't you try?

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