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Mental Obscurations

This morning thoughts flood my mind. I think of the teaching I received about how our thoughts and emotions actually block our understandings and actions. How many times in our lives do we experience something that causes us to feel strong emotions and our thoughts give these experiences a story line? Something happens, and we "decide" what that really means without even asking for clarification from the other person. This becomes our story, and we play out "victim-hood" or "looking good" in our next actions. What would happen if we just stopped for a few minutes to give space to the strong emotion, honoring the sensations that come along with it. It would only take one or two minutes because most emotions have a short period of intensity if we don't create a story to enhance and hold onto them. Someone once said to me, "What happened happened. What didn't happen didn't happen. You said what you said, You didn't say what you didn't say. You did what you did, and you didn't do what you didn't do. Now you have a choice in front of you. What action would you like to take now that reflects who you truly are?"

We always have a choice............choose something that will be of positive benefit to yourself and others....

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